Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is one of our favorite stops.  Although we could dock downtown on the waterfront, we stay at the nearby Isle of Hope Marina – a 15-minute Uber ride away.

This is why we don’t dock downtown – the huge cargo ships, tugs & all types of vessels pass extremely close. Even at 5 knots, this monster will leave a sizable swell which will bounce back & forth across the narrow river for at least 5 minutes.  BTW – loved this powercat!
Since our last visit, the city has extended their touristy waterfront even further north (at the site of a former power plant) with yet more hotels, restaurants & shops.
No trip to Savannah is complete without a stop at Leopold’s Ice Cream – creamy & delicious since 1919!
This tug, 2 barges & 100 yards of pipeline passing by the marina was quite the show. It took extreme care, with the help of 3 additional small helper tugs pushing & pulling, to “bend” the pipeline around this sharp corner without taking out the docks or going aground.

We borrowed the marina’s loaner car to stock up at a nearby Publix grocery store – our last major grocery stop for 2 weeks. The best part of our visit was having dinner out at a fantastic seafood restaurant with cruiser friends Gene & Carol (who have a larger model of our PDQ).  It was a great evening out catching up, along with scheming where we might be able to meet up in Bahamas this winter.

We’ll be continuing south thru the more “rural” rivers & creeks of Georgia featuring strong currents, up to 8′ tides, but great scenery.

Down thru the Carolinas

It’s been easy traveling this year (once we got past the Chesapeake).  Smooth “sailing” with little wind or rain for weeks.  Usually, we need to choose whether to travel or stay put during good weather, but it’s all been good!

What the heck?! Along the way in Norfolk.

This sub blends right into the background in Norfolk.

These new houses being built near Myrtle Beach, SC go on for miles & miles & miles …

Sunset & sunrise in the South Santee River.

These touristy motorized tiki huts are EVERYWHERE.

A fantastic lunch in Charleston!

Lori’s public REQUIRES donuts! We walked past Hero Donuts twice in downtown Charleston before Googling donut shops … they need a more obvious logo/sign!