Watermaker Installation

Our New Watermaker – Done!


The installation of our Spectra 200-T Ventura watermaker took a little longer than planned, thanks to Tropical Storm Irene, waiting for additional parts from Spectra www.spectrawatermakers.com , modifications to the forward locker & water intrusion found in the CoreCell around a drain.  But it’s done & working great!  With this baby, we can make fresh, drinkable water to fill our water tanks from sea water, using reverse osmosis.  While this will come in handy on our trip down the east coast, it will be essential while cruising the Bahamas this winter.  Most places in the Bahamas charge for drinking water … assuming they have enough to sell.  While we were chartering in Abacos a few years ago, we heard several boats calling the local marina asking to stop in to buy water.  “Sorry ‘mon – no water today …”  Taste & quality can be a problem with island water too, with much of it from cisterns.  Being as self-sufficient as possible is our mantra, although we’ll miss dragging around our 2  5-gallon water jugs everywhere looking to fill them up – not!


This Spectra watermaker is their smallest, lowest capacity model at only 9 gallons per hour, but very efficient – we will be able to power it strictly from our solar panels on sunny days.  The “T” in the model number stands for “Tropical”, i.e. can only be used in sea water over 50 degrees – Lori said “no problem, if the water ever gets below 50 degrees, we’re going the wrong way!”

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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