Hiding out in Great Kills, New York

With a big, BIG, slow moving storm system heading our way, we had some serious timing issues to ponder.  While we could remain in the Chesapeake for a while more, we did want to get “home” to Deep River, CT … sometime in May – especially as Benj is planning to drive down from Vermont to visit us! From the Chesapeake to Deep River, two challenging portions remain:

The 70 miles from the northern Chesapeake, thru the C&D canal & down the mighty Delaware.  Oh, the Delaware – our least favorite river, with up to 3 knots of current (with or against, depending on your timing), seemingly always windy with large standing waves (if the current is against the wind) or on the very rare time there are light winds – foggy & millions of swarming flies! It’s the strangest thing – we’ve only experienced a pleasant, sunny day … once!

The 116 miles from Cape May to NYC are open ocean.  Heading back north is the most difficult, as the prevailing winds are … northeast. We often have to wait over a week for a good window.

This shows the forecasted winds on the following day. The purple color indicates 40 knots with waves predicted up to 15′.

We decided to go for it.  The Delaware was reasonably o.k. & we anchored in Cape May to stage for offshore.  However, the beginning of the forecasted winds & torrential rains kept being moved up from after 8 PM the following day to 6, 4, 3 PM?  O.k. – we’ll suffer & leave at first light (5:30 AM).  No let’s play it safe & leave at 4 AM.  Well, I woke up at 1:30 with 12 knots of wind (fortunately that was only due to a rain squall passing by).  Oh heck, I’m up anyway – let’s just leave now (sorry, still-sleeping Lori). So up anchor at 2 AM with the winds back down to 5 knots – a very calm passage to NYC.

Passing by Atlantic City with flat seas just after dawn – soon to be 8′ – 12′ with up to 15′

Usually when we head back north, we simply anchor off Atlantic Highlands, NJ & head off thru New York Harbor to Long Island Sound the following day.  Days & days of heavy rains & heavy winds wouldn’t make that possible – did I mention temps down to the 40’s?  Hide out at a marina?  Well NYC is not the place, with rates of $6.00 – $10.00/ft. per night, plus, plus.  4 nights of waiting for weather would run $900 – $1,500!  We used all of our cruising lifelines (thanks Dick of Rhumbline Yachts!) & learned of the Great Kills Yacht Club – protected, friendly & a fraction of the cost!

The Great Kills Yacht Club. Sorry, we’ll get a better view if the rain ever stops!

In a few days, we’ll continue past Lady Liberty in NYC, into Long Island Sound & back to Deep River within the next week.


Looking back to the prior week …

Donut delivery from Glazed Donuts in Hampton, VA (Yes, I’m wearing gloves!)
Always fantastic food from Venture, also in Hampton, VA. Their creative drinks are appropriately served in beakers.
A fun night out with cruising friends Mike & Ann in Solomons, MD

2 thoughts on “Hiding out in Great Kills, New York

  1. Good call on leaving Cape May early. I’m glad you found a good place to hide out from this storm system! You two will be back home before you know it! Kimberly


    • So glad we did it! Winds were very light and the light rain didn’t start until 90 mins before we docked.
      So chilly Russ used our inside helm. A full 12 hour day. We crashed early that night!


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